Suar wood

Wood Name

Family Name : Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

   Synonyms : Inga saman, Inga salutaris, Enterolobium saman, Acacia propinqua, Calliandra saman, Pithecellobium saman, Mimosa saman, Inga cinerea, Abrus saman, Albizia saman

   Common Names : Rain Tree, Pukul Lima, Cow Tamarind, Hujan-Hujan, East Indian Walnut, Monkey-pod, Saman

   Chinese Name : 雨树

Range extends

 Its range extends from Mexico south to Peru and Brazil, but it has been widely introduced to South and Southeast Asia, as well as the Pacific Islands, including Hawaii.   

Albiziais a large tropical rain tree that can grow up to heights of 25m. Characterized by its umbrella canopy, the tree naturally creates an insulated, cool climate underneath its thick, leafy branches.  


Due to its crisscrossed interlocking grains, Suar wood is resistant to cracking from wood movement and is highly sought-after for its robustness. Moderately heavy but extremely strong, Suar wood is highly resistant to decay and dry-wood termites. These characteristics make Suar wood highly favourable in fine furniture making compared to other woods.

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